I think I wanna marry you...

Hi. I'm Canadian. I spell colour with a 'u' You can give me call me Rum.

Do you only blog about starkid or hp or darren or grant or dianna!? Do you like friendship and magick and unicorns? Tell me! :) or I will never find you and gay sex will never happen :'( 

.having trouble breathing lol.


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whistle while you swallow a spoonful of sugar and your dreams will come true upon a star

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I have to drink five pints of hot coconut water every day, with a little garlic salt, some splenda, and a splash of hot sauce, and then you basically jog until you hallucinate.

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jeff’s entrance for happy ending x

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Starkid Takes Manhattan, 4/12/14

A Very Potter Sequel, Act 1 Part 3

Make a wish, Harry

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